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About us

Welcome to our Sauna inspired lifestyle and clothing brand, where imagination meets passion!

Established in 2022, Saunamarsalkka is a sauna-inspired apparel and accessories brand that offers funky and contemporary fashion. Based in Finland, our brand embarks on the cultural heritage of Finn people. 

Saunamarsalkka, believes in offering fashion that is sustainable and accessible. We created this brand with two things in mind: the Finnish Sauna's pride and offering budget-friendly fashion.

Brand Vision

From the land of thousand lakes, Saunamarsalkka - A Finnish brand, is here to serve people with loyalty, credibility, and reliability. We have ensured that every order is double-checked before shipping and contains only good-quality products. Our prime motto is to bring smiles to our customer's faces and add value through our precious products.

What we offer

From casual wear to funky accessories like beanies, caps, or t-shirts. We have a hardworking team of designers dedicated to creating unique pieces of items that reflect true fashion. We believe in sustainability and durability. That's why we bring you all the products made from high-quality raw materials and approved by experts.                       

Our Target Customers 

We have multiple ranges of items for all 16+ years of age (Finland). 

Idea that brings people together 

  • Contribution to mankind 
  • Fashion that fulfills needs 
  • Made with love and expertise 

Explore our M22 and M23 Collection now! Fun Shopping!