What does your clothing brand stand for? 

Our clothing and accessories brand stands for the unity, sustainability, and cultural heritage of the Finnish sauna. We are working towards fashion that is accessible and affordable.

What sizes do you offer?

We have products for every size. From XS to 3XL, you can have extra details from our chart fit. 

Do you offer all kinds of fashion and luxury items? 

We have almost everything that fulfills your fashion needs, including caps, t-shirts, beanies, blouses, and coats. 

How often do you add fresh products to your website? 

We are constantly working on our product inventory. And we must assure our customers that we add fresh and unique products to our website every 2-3 months. 

Do you offer repair services for damaged items? If yes, please explain.

Yes, we do offer repair services for any damaged items. If any product is found to be damaged or broken, you can reach out to our customer service by e-mail

Can customers track their orders? If yes, then how?

Yes, you can track every order through the tracking link in the purchase confirmation order e-mail.

Can a customer change the delivery address after shipment?

Currently, we do not have this process. 

If the item got damaged in between the transit. How can the customer return or refund that item? 

You can always contact customer service at info@saunamarsalkka.fi for any assistance regarding orders and tracking.